5 Advantages of a Rolex

Rolex Swiss brand wristwatch and accessories are celebrated for their exclusiveness and quality. The Rolex brand is the biggest watch brand in the world. Experts consider these watches great masterpieces.  But, what sets Rolex apart from the others? Continue below to learn five advantages of Rolex:

1 – Rolex Uses A Complicated and Expensive To Machine Steel
Rolex uses a type of steel that is not used by anyone else. Stainless steel is available in various types and grades. The majority of steel watches are created from 316L stainless steel. Rolex watches, however, is created from 904L stainless steel. 904L steel is harder, and more corrosion and rust resistant. Also, when properly worked, 904L steel polishes unbelievably well.

2 – Dive Watches Are Each Tested Individually
To test for water resistance each Rolex Oyster case watch is thoroughly tested. To test for water resistance a Rolex watch is placed inside a chamber filled with air, and if air leaks into the case the pressure changes. Following the air pressure test, the Rolex watch is tested in actual water. This is a very complex test and is not commonly performed by other manufacturers.

3 – Rolex Employs Numerous Geologists
Rolex holds enormously high standards for the materials they buy from the suppliers. These materials include metals, rubies, emeralds, diamonds, etc. Rolex employs an enormous geologist department whose focus is to buy, test, organize, and set diamonds as well as other precious stones in various Rolex models.  Each and every stone is hand-selected and set on a Rolex.

4 – It Takes 12 Months to Make One Rolex Watch
Rolex takes no shortcuts when it comes to the manufacturing process of their watches. They have a great interest in the quality and efficiency of the product. In fact, the entire company is focused on producing the finest watches and are always looking at how they can better their brand. Due to this dedication, it takes Rolex about one year to produce their product.

5 – Rolex Retain Value
Unlike luxury vehicles that lose much of their value, watches lose much less. If you made your Rolex purchase as an investment or you must sell in the future, these watches have sustained product value.