In Watches, What Your Favorite Color Says About You

We recently read a New York Times article about color trends for high-end watches, which suggested that the color green is becoming a specific fan favorite. Regardless of what seems to “trend” the most seasonally or on social media, watch collectors seem to enjoy seeking out a variety of different style and color choices when searching for a new watch. It’s always important to consider investing in a great watch even if you own a smartphone. Here are a few examples of some popular colors and what they may mean to you:


Blue has always been a bestseller and tends to be a popular choice for women and men alike, with colors ranging from indigo to cobalt to sky. Blue often reminds us of nature, cleanliness, water, and is definitely a good option for those seeking more of a timeless timepiece.


While green has certainly been “trending” lately, we think it’s always been a favorite amongst watch collectors and held in high-esteem as a symbol of both power and (some say) a representation of nature and health. A lot of green watches have grown in favor lately amongst both women and men, as a stable option that will provide years of use, hopefully without any major regrets.


Classic gold watches have always been fairly iconic and remain an “everyday luxury” must-have item. These watches look elegant, functional, professional, and always tend towards more of a sleek final aesthetic. Some collectors may believe that especially over time, it can be easier to sell sterling silver (as opposed to gold pieces). But in our experience, gold pieces can be sold as well as simply by finding the right buyer.


Sticking to black reminds us of New York City, sleek and elegant style, and of course- it’s always classically chic for both women and men. You really can’t go wrong when investing in a sharp black timepiece that will itself really stand the test of time...