Pro Hunter: Where NYC's Concrete Jungle Meets the Untamed Rolex Spirit

In the heart of New York City, where skyscrapers pierce the sky and ambition hums like a constant current, a different kind of luxury emerges. This isn't the polished diamond, the gleaming bauble worn for show. This is a Rolex transformed, infused with the grit and grace of those who chase not accolades, but experiences. This is Pro Hunter.

For over a decade, Pro Hunter has been the secret weapon of discerning collectors, those who understand that true luxury isn't merely possession, but a statement. It's the whisper of an heirloom passed down through generations, the quiet confidence of a timepiece built not for display, but for the uncharted roads you choose to walk.

From London Streets to NYC Dreams:

Pro Hunter's story begins not in the gleaming showrooms of Fifth Avenue, but in the bustling markets of London, where founder Kamal Choraria spent years immersed in the world of vintage Rolexes and Pateks. It was here, amidst whispers of legendary military Submariners and stories of adventurers pushing the limits, that the seed of Pro Hunter was sown.

Choraria's clients, men of action and accomplishment, yearned for a watch that could bridge the gap between everyday elegance and rugged reliability. They craved a Rolex that could withstand the rigors of a mountain summit, the thrill of a chase, the unexpected twists of a life lived boldly.

And so, inspired by the ghosts of British Army legends and the whispers of forgotten prototypes, Pro Hunter was born.

Pro Hunter Submariner Watch

Redefining Tradition, One Masterpiece at a Time:

Pro Hunter isn't about flashy modifications or ostentatious displays. It's about pushing the boundaries of what a Rolex can be, while honoring the soul that makes it timeless. Each bespoke creation is a meticulously crafted dance between heritage and innovation, a whisper of the past reimagined for the urban explorer.

Think diamond-like carbon coatings that turn a Submariner into a stealthy companion, brushing techniques that evoke the weathered patina of a vintage Explorer, or anti-reflective bezels that transform a Daytona into a tool for the precise calculation of risk and reward. These are not mere alterations; they are whispers of adventure, each scratch a silent testament to a life lived on the edge.

A Legacy Forged in Steel and Spirit:

Today, under the creative direction of Kamal's daughter Nikita, Pro Hunter carries the torch forward. From her childhood spent surrounded by iconic Rolexes to her deep understanding of the brand's legacy, Nikita imbues every Pro Hunter creation with a reverence for the past and a hunger for the unknown.

The results are timepieces that speak to the modern adventurer, the New Yorker who navigates concrete jungles with the same spirit that conquers mountain peaks. These are watches for those who understand that luxury isn't about labels, but about the stories etched into every tick and tock.

Pro Hunter Daytona watch

Ready to own a piece of the Pro Hunter legend? Explore our curated collection:

  • The Urban Explorer: For those who conquer boardrooms and mountaintops with equal aplomb, the Explorer II Pro Hunter edition whispers of hidden paths and uncharted territories. Its brushed steel finish and subtle luminescent enhancements speak of quiet confidence and a thirst for discovery.

  • The Stealth Submariner: Dive into the shadows with the Submariner Pro Hunter, a reimagined classic cloaked in a diamond-like carbon coating. Its anti-reflective bezel and enhanced water resistance make it the perfect confidant for your deepest urban dives.

  • The Daytona for Disruptors: Time is your playground with the Daytona Pro Hunter, a masterpiece of precision reimagined for those who rewrite the rules. Its anti-reflective bezel and subtle modifications whisper of calculated risks and audacious victories.

These are just a glimpse into the Pro Hunter universe, where New York City's pulse meets the unyielding spirit of adventure. Come, explore the collection and discover the Rolex within you, transformed for the extraordinary life you choose to live.